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Réunion is larger than Mauritius, but has a much smaller population of over 800,000, compared to around 1,350,000 on Mauritius. The population density is around 300 people per km2. Due to the high birth rate, the population is very young.

The age expectancy for men is about 72.4 years and for women about 79.5 years. Reunion has the same ethnic mix as Mauritius of Europeans, Indians, Chinese and Creoles, but in different numbers. The Creoles are the largest group (40%). They are followed by Europeans (36%), Indians (Malabar, 20%), Chinese (3%) and Arabs (1%). The Europeans often hold administrative positions or work in the business world and are called "Z'oreilles". The main cities are, apart from the capital Saint-Denis (ca. 142,000 inhabitants): Saint-Paul (second largest city and former capital), Saint-Pierre (third city with 55,000 inhabitants) and Saint-Louis.


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