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Nepal busy streets in KathmanduNepal busy streets in KathmanduPhoto:Pavel Novak CC 2.5 Generic no changes made

Nepal has a population of an estimated 29,384,297 million people (2017). This population has a very heterogeneous background. About 75% of the population is of Indo-Nepalese and Indian descent, the Pahari being the largest group. About 25% belong to Old Nepalese groups. Examples include the Gurung, Sherpa, Newari, Magar, Tharu, Tamang and Bhotia. Due to mixing and migration, this picture is getting more and more complicated. Recently many refugees from Tibet have also come to Nepal.

The population has grown by an average of almost 2% in recent years. and in 1917 with 1.16%. Life expectancy is 71 years (2017). Two thirds of the population lives in the hills and mountain regions in the east, 20% lives in the cities.


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