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State structure

The Republic of Mauritius is a parliamentary democracy (multi-party system), almost on the British model. The National Assembly consists of 66 members elected for five-year terms according to the district system. There are 20 constituencies in which three members can be elected. There are also two members from the island of Rodrigues. The four remaining seats are for the "best losers" and are divided equally between the Chinese, the Muslims, the Hindus and the "general population". The President of Mauritius has a primarily ceremonial role. The Prime Minister is the main political figure who also composes the government (25 ministers) and is elected by the National Assembly.

Local elections are held every three years. Everyone over the age of eighteen has the right to vote. The main political parties represent the interests of ethnic groups, others those of a particular religious group. Thanks to the electoral system and a ballot agreement, the Parti Travailliste Mauricien and the Mouvement Militant Mauricien have held all 62 seats since 1995, with only 65.2% of the vote. For the current political situation, see the history section.


Both primary and secondary education in Mauritius are free. Education is not compulsory in Mauritius but 95% of children attend school. Further education includes primary and higher technical education and teacher training, the Mauritian Institute of Education. Several thousand students attend the University of Mauritius, which has been established in Le Réduit since 1965. Administrative, agricultural and technical education can be pursued there.

Since 1970, the Mahatma Gandhi Institute has been located in Moha. This institute tries to preserve and propagate the Indian culture. It offers diploma courses for both children and adults in the field of Indian music, dance, art, language and philosophy.

In 1995, 17% of the population above the age of 15 were illiterate..


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