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Plants and Animals


Cuba is very rich in plant species. The planting of sugar cane, coffee and rice has wiped out almost all the original forests. Efforts are now being made to reforest part of the island, for both economic and conservation reasons. Large palm trees, 20-25 m high, give the landscape its specific appearance. Mangroves and tobacco plants can be found in coastal areas and lowlands of Cuba.


A great variety of animals is present on the island. The coastal waters are home to many crustaceans and economically important fish species, among others. Of the many birds, only about a third are indigenous; the rest are migratory. There are two species of crocodiles (protected by law) and many turtles, iguanas and other reptiles. Interesting mammals include Solenodon cubana, an insectivore related to the agouta. Many species are found only in Cuba, especially the very colourful land snails.


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