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Brunei is home to just over 443,593 people (2017) and has a population density of approximately 70 inhabitants per square kilometer.

The population consists of Malays (66%) and Chinese (10%). In the capital are also Europeans, Asians and Indians. Indigenous peoples such as the Ibans, Dayaks and Muruts live outside the city.


Brunei Malaysian Road SignBrunei Malaysian Road SignPhoto: Public domain

Brunei's official language is standard Malay, which is defined in the constitution. A local variant is spoken by the majority of the population, Brunei Malay, which largely corresponds to standard Malay. Furthermore, Chinese, English and some indigenous languages are spoken.


Brunei Great MosqueBrunei Great MosquePhoto: Audie CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

Islam is the state religion (79%) of Brunei. Freedom of religion is included in the law, but in practice Islam is the guiding principle and only Islamic material is used in educational institutions. Besides Muslims, there are mainly Buddhists (8%) and Christians (9%) in Brunei. Some smaller schools of thought such as Daoism and Confucianism are also represented.


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