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Uruguay has a mild, even climate where even in winter it almost never freezes. The climate is the transition from the subtropical climate of Brazil to the temperate climate of Argentina. Along the coast, the average daytime temperature is 28°C in January and about 15°C in June; the average night temperature is approx. 17°C in January and approx. 7°C in June. The seasons are therefore the opposite of those in Europe. There is no specific best time to travel, you can visit the country all year round.

Climate diagram Montevideo, UruguayClimate diagram Montevideo, UruguayPhoto: Hedwig in Washington CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The constant trade winds alternate between east, north-east and south-east and therefore rain falls all over the country all year round, about 1000 mm per year. In the north an average of approx. 1250 mm falls and in the south an average of approx. 950 mm. Due to the lack of natural barriers, the often strong winds can develop into tornadoes.


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