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Fishing and agriculture provide an income for most people of Rodrigues, although many young people seek jobs in government and the commercial sector. Onions and garlic are exported to Mauritius and maize and chickens are produced for the local market.

Cattle, pigs and sheep are also raised for the Mauritian market. Squid is dried and fish salted for export. The fishing industry is organised on a cooperative basis under the auspices of the Rodriguan Fishermen's Cooperative Federation. The fish caught is sold by the cooperative and distributed throughout the island or stored in the cold rooms of the Port Mathurin fish factory.

Famous is the very hot chilli that is produced on Rodrigues from different kinds of peppers.

The old agricultural system, in which people helped each other with the cultivation of maize and beans, helped each other with the harvest and the economy was based on barter, has long since disappeared. As a district of Mauritius, social services are regulated by the central government and international aid organisations.


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