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Geography and Landscape

Basic information
Official languageEnglish, Marshallese
Area118 kmĀ²
Population59,872  (2021)
CurrencyU.S. dollar  (USD)

Geography and Landscape


Micronesia (from the Greek: small islands) consists of approximately 2300 large and small islands. The islands are scattered in the Western Pacific between Hawaii and the Philippines. Geographically, Micronesia consists of four archipelagos: the Marshall Islands, the Mariana Islands, the Gilbert Islands and the Caroline Islands. Kiribati, which is part of Micronesia, also includes the Line Islands and Phoenix Islands, which are part of Polynesia. The distance from north to south is 2572 km and from east to west 5056 km. This means that the islands are spread over an area of more than 13 million km2.

Marshalleilanden Satellietfoto fMarshall Islands Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public domain

The Marshall Islands is a sovereign republic in the Pacific Ocean, belonging to the Micronesia archipelago. It has been linked to the United States by a treaty of free association since 1986. The Marshall Islands are part of the Oceania region and lie midway between Hawaii and Papua New Guinea. The Marshall Islands consist of 1225 large and small islands and the total land area is 181.3 km2 spread over a sea area of 1,950,000 km2.


The Marshall Islands consist of two groups of atolls, namely Ralik in the west (18 atolls) and Ratak (16 atolls) in the east. The main atolls are Jaluit (land area 16.8 km2; with 95 islands), Kwajalein (28.5 km2; with 19 islands), Eniwetok (27 km2; with 38 islands) and Bikini. The largest island is Majuro (30 km2) of the atoll of the same name. The second island is Wotje (1.6 km2).

The two groups of atolls are about 240 km apart and have a length of about 1280 km. Most of the islands are small, low and include a large central lagoon. The highest point is on the island of Likiep, 10.2 metres high. The southern islands are more densely vegetated than the northern ones. Almost all the islands have beautiful white sandy beaches.

Majuro atoll

Kwajalein atoll

Mili atoll

Maloelap atoll

Arno atoll

Likiep atoll

Wotje atoll

Mejit Island

Jaluit atoll

Kili Island

Aur atoll

Ailinglaplap atoll

Bikini atoll

Eniwetok atoll

Rongelap atoll

Other atolls include Wotho, Ailuk and Namorik. Bikar, Taka, Jemo and Taongi are uninhabited.


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