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Playa de Palma

Playa de Palma

Mallorca is a large island in the Spanish Balearic region. The island has an area of approximately one hundred by seventy kilometers. With its beautiful nature, attractive climate and fine culture, Mallorca acts as a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Every year as many as ten million people migrate to the island with its various cities and villages.

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Northwest of the busy nightlife town of El Arenal is the quieter Playa de Palma, not to be confused with the capital of Mallorca: Palma de Mallorca. Not entirely coincidentally, the name of this town with a few hundred inhabitants was coined by the namesake of the capital of Mallorca. Playa de Palma, however, is a lot quieter, but certainly no less attractive. The beach, the surroundings and the international character attract many Western Europeans. In addition, Playa de Palma also has a busy center in the middle of the apartments. The place caters to all audiences. Children, young people and adults will have a great time in this town.

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The beautiful landscape of Playa de Palma is very similar to that of El Arenal. The Mediterranean Sea with a long boulevard with many flat fields, forests and exotic plants outside the center. For Playa de Palma it also applies that the buildings are fully focused on tourism, there is little history in the streets, but modern apartments. Playa de Palma runs parallel to a busy road, which sometimes suffers from traffic jams in the summer. The road runs along El Arenal and Ca'n Pastilla to the capital Palma. A tourist train also runs in the direction of El Arenal and C'an Pastilla.

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The capital Palma can be reached within twenty minutes. This is especially easy to do with public transport, which is well arranged in Playa de Palma. A bus runs seven times an hour. Since Palma is only ten kilometers away from Playa de Palma, the journey is no obstacle. After the flight of more than two hours, the time to get from the airport to the holiday address is very short. Of course it is also possible to rent a car. That has its advantages. Nature, sights and other cities are within easy reach. An advantage, but certainly not a must with good public transport.


The weather in Playa de Palma is sunny all year round. In the summer months the temperature can reach thirty degrees. Outside the summer months you still have wonderful weather and you can enjoy temperatures of up to twenty degrees. There is not too much rainfall. The best time to travel is in the spring or autumn.


There is not much to say about the history of Playa de Palma. It was originally a coastal town that emerged during the tourist influx in the 1960s.

For the history of Mallorca see the Mallorca page of Landenweb.


The promenade of Playa de Palma is a trip in itself. You will find smaller shops and boutiques here. Especially for the cozy atmosphere you have to be on the boulevard; for the larger stores you have to go more towards the center. On the boulevard you will mainly find clothing shops, souvenir shops and supermarkets. A trip with a horse and carriage on the boulevard is a recommended excursion.

There are no fewer than two hundred shops in the center. For a day of shopping you can also go to Palma de Mallorca.

El Arenal is adjacent to Playa de Palma. In this town you can choose to make a trip with a glass bottom boat. The deck of this boat is equipped with glass so that you have a beautiful view both around you and below. Other boat trips, including along the harbor, are also possible. The Aquacity Park is also a fun outing for children. This park is located just outside El Arenal and can be reached by public transport. The nearest post office is also located in El Arenal.

Playa de Palme BeachPlaya de Palme BeachPhoto: Rene Westerholt in het publieke domein

The largest beach has the original name Playa de Palma beach. This beach is almost three kilometers long and consists mostly of sand and light gravel. The beach is an ideal place for children, as the seabed does not slope quickly. There are also small playgrounds for the kids. There are several activities on the beach for sports enthusiasts, which are listed in the Tips section.

Furthermore, there are plenty of beach bars with associated cafeterias on the Playa de Palma beach. Parasols and sun beds can be rented throughout the season. There is also a first aid post on the beach.


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The promenade is the showpiece of Playa de Palma. This is the place to be for dining options. Dozens of restaurants can be found there and after dinner it is wonderful to walk along the sea and the palm trees. You can also enjoy a delicious bite to eat in the center and in the side streets of the built-up area.

The food on offer is mainly geared to Western European cuisine. German and Dutch restaurants can be found on the boulevard. Cafeterias, grill restaurants and pizzerias are further options.

Playa de Palma is also known for its rich nightlife. Dance halls, bars and discos can be found mainly on the boulevard. If you are staying in Playa de Palma for a longer period of time, El Arenal is an alternative to the nightlife. Here are discotheques such as those of Radio 538 and Radio Veronica. The MTV Beach House is also popular.

As mentioned, Playa de Palma has an international character. Many Germans, Dutch and Belgians spend their holidays in this area. They choose to tan in the sun during the day and dance in one of the discotheques in the evening. There are plenty of them in Playa de Palma. Because also in Playa de Palma the nightlife continues until the early morning.

Furthermore, Playa de Palma is a very sporty place. Many of those sports have everything to do with the water. There is, for example, a diving school. It is also possible to make a trip with a canoe, pedal boat or water scooter. And when you are finished, you can just relax on the white beach again.

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