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Ca'n Pastilla

Ca'n Pastilla

Mallorca is a large island in the Spanish Balearic region. The island has an area of approximately one hundred by seventy kilometers. With its beautiful nature, attractive climate and fine culture, Mallorca acts as a magnet for tourists from all over the world. Every year no less than 10 million people migrate to the island with its various cities and villages.

Ca'n Pastilla attracts many tourists every year. This due to the wonderful weather, beautiful sandy beaches, the pleasant boulevard and plenty of other activities and sights in and around Ca'n Pastilla. The town is very nicely located and is only fifteen minutes away from the capital Palma de Mallorca. Enough to make it a wonderful holiday!

C'an Pastilla C'an PastillaPhoto: Olaf Tausch CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

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Ca'n Pastilla is located on the southwest coast of Mallorca. The town has a few hundred permanent residents and is located about ten kilometers from the capital Palma. The town of El Arenal is connected to Ca'n Pastilla by the long sandy beach between the two towns. In addition, Ca'n Pastilla turns east into the large resort of Playa de Palma.


Het weer in Ca'n Pastilla is zonnig, het gehele jaar door. In de zomermaanden kan de temperatuur wel oplopen tot dertig graden. Buiten de zomermaanden heb je nog steeds heerlijk weer en kan je genieten van temperaturen tot twintig graden. Er valt niet al te veel neerslag. De beste reistijd is in het voor- of najaar.


Not much can be said about the history of Ca'n Pastilla. It was originally a fishing village that emerged during the tourist influx in the 1960s.

For the history of Mallorca see the Mallorca page of Landenweb.


Ca'n Pastilla has many nice sights in and around the center. There is a fun tour that shows you Ca'n Pastilla's original character. The horse and carriage ride takes you along the long boulevard of the town of Ca'n Pastilla. A nice way to get to know the town.

Besides the trips on land, there are also nice trips on the water. Several boats sail to give you a relaxing trip along the coast of Ca'n Pastilla.

For a real Spanish trip you can also go to bullfighting. These fights are held in the small arena and are completely without blood.

Palma de Mallorca Palma de MallorcaPhoto: Arno.Ho CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

For another trip you can also go to the capital of Mallorca. Palma is ten kilometers from Ca'n Pastilla. In this large city you will find cozy shops and terraces, but also the cathedral of La Seu, Bellver castle or Badia beach. Palma is a city with plenty to do.

There is a large park in El Arenal, especially for the children. Aquacity is highly recommended for the kids for a day of fun with slides and golf pools.


Ca'n Pastilla of course also has many eateries. All sixty restaurants with a terrace have their own character. You will find snack bars, pizzerias, fish restaurants, a Thai restaurant, grill restaurant, Chinese restaurant and a fast food restaurant, where you can enjoy a tasty greasy bite.

There is also a lot of variation in the bars. There are 45 bars in the center. Something for everyone, because the bars are all different! Are you going for the English Pub, the coffee bar or a nice ice cream at one of the ice cream parlors? Go ahead, because there is plenty to find in Ca'n Pastilla!

In addition to the restaurants and bars, you can still swing for an evening in one of the discotheques or disco bars. Besides the nightlife in Ca'n Pastilla, you can also visit El Arenal. This place is also suitable for a party!

Ca'n Pastilla BeachCa'n Pastilla BeachPhoto: Rene Westerholt in the public domain

Ca'n Pastilla is rich in beaches. There are three beaches adjacent to this beautiful town. All three beaches have a gradual slope, making them perfect for children. For example, it is possible to take a dip in the Mediterranean Sea far from the coast. To relax, sunbeds are available for rent from April to October. What else do you want?

The Ca'n Pastilla beach is no less than 1.5 kilometers long and 40 meters wide. This makes this beach the largest beach in Ca'n Pastilla. This large sandy beach runs to the town of El Arenal. With such a large beach, safety is also thought of. Ca'n Pastilla has its own first aid post and is guarded every day by beach guards. In addition to this safe beach, you can also go there for fun. Ca'n Pastilla beach has two beach bars with terraces.

The Cala Estancia sandy beach is located on a small bay of 200 meters long and 8 meters wide. This sandy beach also brings cosiness. There is also a bar with a terrace on this Cala Estancia beach.

The Clot d'en Bernadet beach is a small sandy beach that is 75 meters long and about 7 meters wide. It is a nice beach for the children. Due to the gradually sloping seabed you can enjoy a wonderful afternoon swimming here.

Ca'n Pastilla is getting more popular every year. The three beautiful beaches, shops, restaurants and activities make it a party every year. On the beach you can take wonderful walks in the evening, but also during the day or stroll along the boulevard.

Walk past all the shops, where you will find everything. Ca'n Pastilla has clothing stores, supermarkets, souvenir shops, sports shops, bakeries, photo shops, jewelers and perfumeries. In addition to these shops, there are options on the central square to get fresh fruit and vegetables from the large market. This fruit and vegetable market is held twice a week in Ca'n Pastilla.

Besides shopping and relaxing on the beach, there is also room for sports enthusiasts. There are plenty of sports and fun games to play on the beach and in the city. You can hit a ball on the tennis court, play golf, football and volleyball. Or how about fun games with friends or children? You can play boules, play mini golf or race away on a go-kart.

Public transport in and around Ca'n Pastilla is well organized. Buses go to the center and other places about seven times an hour: Playa de Palma, El Arenal and Palma. Another means of transport is the tourist train, which goes twice an hour via the promenade to Playa de Palma and El Arenal. This train runs from May to October. Besides the bus and the train, there is also the taxi. It will transport you to the exact destination. For the sporty types: Ca'n Pastilla also rents bicycles!

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