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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languagePortuguese, Cantonese
Area26 kmĀ²
Population664,465  (2021)
Currencypataca  (MOP)

Vacations and Sightseeing

In 2011, Macao was visited by 2.3 million visitors. Just over 50% of these visitors stayed for just one day. The number of visitors from China increased by 16.8% in May compared to May 2010, while the number of visitors from Hong Kong rose by 3.9% and those from South Korea by 26.2%. For the period January-May 2011, the number of visitors increased by 7.2% to a total of over 11 million visitors. One of the main motives for visiting Macau is the fact that a large number of casinos are located in Macau. The casinos are one of Macau's biggest sources of income.

The area around Senado Square bears witness to Macau's history as a gateway for Western countries to China in the past. There are many buildings by architects of the European style. Worth visiting are the Church of St. Dominic and the Holy House of Mercy. The latter is the first western-style clinic in Macau. There is the ruin of St. Paul's Church, from 1602, which burned down in 1835, leaving only the front of the building standing. The Ruin is one of the icons of Macau. Events and performances are often held here. The Macau Tower is also known as the Macau Sky Tower. The tower has a height of 338 metres from the ground to the highest point. You can see all of Macau from the observation deck.


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