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Geography and Landscape


Macau is located in South East Asia under China and further borders the South China Sea. The surface area of Macau is 25.4 square kilometres.

Macau Satellite PhotoMacau Satellite PhotoPhoto: Public domain

It lies at the western mouth of the Zhu Jiang (Pearl) River Delta and borders Guangdong Province to the north. It is about 60 km south-west of Hong Kong and 110 km south of the Chinese city of Guangzhou.


The landscape of Macau is fairly flat. It is located at the western mouth of the Zhu Jiang delta (Pearl River). Two bridges connect Macau with Taipa Island. This, in turn, is connected to Coloane Island. Taipa and Coloane form Macau's green hinterland of beaches, pine-clad hills and traditional villages. The landscape is nowhere higher than 200 metres.

Hac Sa beach on Coloane island, MacauHac Sa beach on Coloane island, MacauPhoto: Abasaa in the public domain

Climate and Weather

Macao's climate is subtropical with warm, humid summer months and dry, sunny winters. Most rain falls between April and October, often in short heavy showers in the late afternoon. In spring and summer, tornadoes are common in the region.

Plants and Animals

The fauna and fora of Macau are not very specific. This is caused by the enormously high population density. Common plants and trees are the banyan, palm and the water lily.


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