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Isla margarita

Climate and Weather

Isla Margarita has a subtropical climate, with year-round temperatures ranging between 25 and 30°C. Normally it would be warmer, but the heat is tempered by trade winds. Sometimes, however, the temperature can reach an unbearable 37°C. The sun shines on average for about 9 hours a day.

Sun-drenched Isla Margarita, with about 700 mm of precipitation per year, is one of the rainiest areas of Venezuela. The rainy season is between May and October and sometimes there are short heavy showers. Isla Margarita is not affected by the frequent hurricanes in these regions.

Overview monthly averages

January25°C20°C982 mm24°C
February26°C20°C963 mm25°C
March27°C21°C921 mm25°C
April29°C22°C931 mm26°C
May29°C29°C711 mm27°C
June29°C29°C945 mm27°C
July29°C29°C1091 mm27°C
August30°C30°C1077 mm28°C
September29°C29°C946 mm27°C
October28°C28°C938 mm26°C
November27°C27°C887 mm25°C
December25°C25°C8115 mm24°C


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