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State structure and administrative division

Hawaii is divided into five counties, which more or less coincide with the island territories. The counties also function as municipalities. The head of state is the President of the United States. In daily life, however, Hawaii is governed by a governor.

Typical Hawaii

Music, dance and flower garlands (lei) form an important part of authentic Hawaiian cultural heritage. The Hula, for which Hawaii is famous, probably originated as a religious ritual. Nowadays it is a form of entertainment. The hula dancers wear knee-length skirts made of leaves or reeds. The most striking feature of the male attire is the ornamentation of dog teeth. The dance is accompanied by pu'uli, bamboo sticks that make a rattling sound, singing and percussion instruments, such as pahut drums or the ipu heke. In modern Hawaiian music the ukulele (a kind of guitar) is an important instrument.


The average per capita income was $50.00 (2017).

Tourism, as well as defence, plays a major role, as the base of the USPACOM United States Pacific Command) is located in Hawaii.

Hawaii's exports consist largely of sugar and pineapple. Other important agricultural products are beef, coffee, macadamia nuts, papaya and tropical flowers.


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