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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageEnglish, Chamorro
Area545 km²
Population171,249  (2021)
CurrencyU.S. dollar  (USD) .gov .edu .mil .um

Vacations and Sightseeing

Tourism was hit hard by the Asian economic crisis, causing many Japanese tourists to stay away. South Koreans stayed away after a serious accident with a South Korean plane. Normally, Guam attracts around 1 million tourists a year who spend more than a billion dollars. Of all the islands in the Pacific, only Hawaii attracts more tourists. In the future, tourism will have to be the mainstay of the economy. Some of the attractions are described below.

The most famous waterfall on the island of Guam is the majestic Talofofo Falls. The park around the waterfall is ideal for a picnic or just to relax. You can take a refreshing dip under the thirty-metre Talofofo waterfall. The waterfall is located in the Ugum River, which is accessible by car. You can walk there or take a ride on a cable car.

Fish Eye Marine Park is a unique underwater observatory. It is a popular dive site with an amazing diversity of marine life, consisting of more than 200 species of fish.

Cocos Island is a tropical oasis in Cocos Lagoon 1 mile off the southern coast of Guam. The island covers an area of approximately 100 hectares and consists of white sandy beaches in beautiful turquoise crystal clear waters. The island is uninhabited and used as a tourist destination. Tourists take boat trips to the island and can spot dolphins, dive, snorkel, jet ski and parasail.


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