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Guam had a population of over 167,000 in 2017. On average, about 305 people live per km2 on Guam. The Chamorro are the largest ethnic group (37.7%), although already in the minority today due to the many immigrants. Another large ethnic group are the Filipinos (26.3%). There are also many Koreans, Japanese and Chinese living on the islands. In 1940, 90% of the population was still Chamorro! Approximately 23,000 Americans live there, mostly military with their families. Guam has to deal with many illegal immigrants every year. In the capital Hågatña 143,000 inhabitants live. (2017)

Guam has a very young population; the number of 0-14 year olds is about 27%, the number of 15-64 year olds is about 64.4%, and the number of people over sixty-five is about 8.6%. The life expectancy of the average Guamese is 76 years. The infant mortality rate is about 12.6 per 1000 live births.


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