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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageFaeroese, Danish
Area1.399 km²
Population49,172  (2021)
CurrencyFaroese króna  (FOK)



Vacations and Sightseeing

A serious effort is being made to attract more tourists to the Faroe Islands. Together with Iceland and Greenland, the West Nordic Tourist Board has been established to promote the region as a whole. For the hikers, there are several routes available. By car, you can drive past the many small fishing villages and explore the island at a leisurely pace. There are also boat excursions, for example, to seabird nesting sites on the cliffs.

Tórshavn Cathedral is the second oldest church in the archipelago. The church is located in the old centre of the town in northern Tinganes. It is a Lutheran cathedral that has been the seat of the bishop of the Faroe Islands since 1990. The history of the church goes back a long way, initially during the Middle Ages there was a house of prayer on the site where the church is now found. In 1609, a real church was built on the site by order of King Christian IV. In 1788, the church was rebuilt and in 1865, the cathedral was given a whole new look. The present church is a true stone masterpiece. The Skansin Fortress is situated on a hill next to Tórshavn harbour. It was built in 1580 to protect the city from pirates. In 1780, the fortress was expanded. During the Second World War, the fort served as a military base for the British. There are several cannons from the period of the British occupation as well as from the Danish period to be seen. The fort offers a fairytale view of the harbour, the surrounding landscape and the island of Nolsoy. Read more on the Tórshavn page.


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