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Plants and animals


In the mountainous areas, the rich and varied flora of Central Europe can be found: extensive forests with both deciduous trees (maple, rowan, oak, beech, birch) and coniferous trees (Scots pine, fir, spruce, larch, yew); also Veratrum nigrum, bearberry, many kinds of orchids, Sorbus sudetica, and many other, often endemic, plant species that only occur here.

The tree line lies between 1200 and 1400 metres. In the river valleys one often finds a park-like landscape. About 30% of the land area is covered with forest.

The national tree of the Czech Republic is the winter lime tree, the national flower is the rose.


The animal world has a Central European character; on the mountains, an alpine-like fauna can be found, including marmots, chamois, mouflons and snow mice. Large predators such as the wild cat and lynx are still sporadic.

The waters of the Czech Republic are home to carp, trout, pike and eel. The ZehuSice nature reserve near Kutna Hora is home to white deer that are not found anywhere else in Europe. Giant catfish live in large reservoirs. Storks nest in the whole country and numerous waterfowl can be found in the Danube plain. Other special birds are the golden eagle, the national bird of the Czech Republic, and the ptarmigan in the Giant Mountains and the Mala Fatra.

A network of reserves and national parks provide reasonable protection for fauna and flora; most national parks are located on the border with Poland and are managed in good cooperation. However, many species of trees, plants and animals are threatened with extinction due to industrialisation and environmental pollution. Acid rain has affected the vegetation in many places. Coniferous trees, in particular, have suffered greatly from this.


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