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Azerbaijan is home to 9,961,396 million people (2017). The population density is more than 105 inhabitants per square kilometer.
Natural population growth is 0.87%. (2017)
Birth rate per 1000 inhabitants is 15.8 (2017)
Death rate per 1000 inhabitants is 7.1 (2017)
Life expectancy is 72.8 years. (men 69.7 and women 76.1 years (2017).


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The official language is Azeri, spoken by about 90% of the population. Azeri belongs to the Turkish language group. Within the Turkish languages, Azeri is one of the Oghuz languages together with Turkish, Gagauz and Turkmen. Outside of Azerbaijan, Azeri is spoken in the province of the same name in Iran and in small areas of Georgia and East Turkey. There are an estimated total of around 30 million people who speak Azeri.

Other languages spoken in Azerbaijan are Russian and Armenian.


Azerbaijan Mosque of Baku Azerbaijan Mosque of BakuPhoto: Peretz Partensky CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

The population of Azerbaijan is generally and traditionally Muslim (almost 95%). In Azerbaijan, the Shia variant is professed. In the Soviet era, the population became increasingly secularized. As a result, religious involvement is low and the experience is mainly cultural in nature. The constitution of Azerbaijan guarantees religious freedom. In Azerbaijan there are also communities of Russian and Armenian Orthodox.


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