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Salzburg CathedralSalzburg CathedralPhoto: Cherubino CC 4.0 International no changes made

More than 78% of the population is Roman Catholic, about 5% is Protestant (mainly Lutheran) and about 8.6% is unchurched. The Roman Catholic Church is divided into two ecclesiastical provinces: the Archdiocese of Salzburg with four dioceses and the Archdiocese ofViennawith three dioceses. In 1925, the Lutherans and Reformed joined together to form the Evangelische Kirche Augsburgischen und Helvetischen Bekenntnisses in Oesterreich, headed by a bishop. The new Protestant Law of 1961 gave the Evangelische Kirche full autonomy and the guarantee of financial support from the state. The Old Catholics also have a bishop in Vienna. The Jewish community, still 180,000 souls in 1938, lives mainly in Vienna and has shrunk to about 10,000. Among the migrants, of course, many Muslims and members of Eastern European Orthodox churches.


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