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Basic information
Official languageItalian
Area18.264 km2
Populationca. 4,852,453  (2021)
Currencyeuro  (EUR)

Popular destinations ITALY


Vacations and Sightseeing

The main attraction of the region remains, of course, the city of Venice with its famous St. Marco Square and the Grand Canal and Doge's Palace. Venice is of course also famous for its historic Carnival, the Murano glass and the Burano lace. Visitors go on foot, through small streets and over numerous bridges, or by boat with the gondolas, which go along the canals and show some of the most extraordinary panoramas in the world. You will see Byzantine mosaics and domes and a labyrinth of alleys with shops and workshops, churches decorated with paintings, sculptures and frescos. There are also interesting museums.

In the Veneto, you will also find the historic centre of Verona, a unique blend of Renaissance, medieval and Roman architecture. The most famous monument of the city is the romantic balcony of Juliet, made famous by Shakespeare's tragedy. Also the arena, with its spectacular open-air opera, is much visited in the summer.

Padua is the city of culture par excellence and offers its visitors many attractions, from the Basilica of Saint Anthony, a destination for religious tourism, to the beautiful Scrovegni Chapel, a timeless masterpiece with frescoes by Giotto. The 16th-century botanical garden is rich in medicinal herbs.

There is no lack of nature either. The Dolomites were recently added to UNESCO's World Heritage List for their remarkable shape and the fascinating interplay of light between their peaks. This is the ideal world for skiing enthusiasts. It is a huge area with kilometres of slopes and well-equipped resorts, such as the elegant Cortina d'Ampezzo, nicknamed the "pearl" of the Dolomites and one of the most famous ski resorts in the world.



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