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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageEnglish
Area241.038 kmĀ²
Population48,279,119  (2021)
CurrencyUgandan shilling  (UGX)

Vacations and Sightseeing

The mountain gorillas of Uganda are the main reason for tourists to visit Uganda, there are both silverback and blackback gorillas. The gorillas are found in the almost impenetrable forests of Bwindi, Mgahinga National Park and on Ngamba Island. It is estimated that there are about 700 mountain gorillas alive today. It is difficult to protect the animals. At the moment, there are many tensions in the area. Other primates can also be seen, such as chimpanzees and Golden Monkeys. Gorilla safaris are organised from three days to two weeks.

Kampala is the capital of Uganda and a modern and safe city, offering its visitors a number of cultural and artistic attractions. Kampala is also the political capital of the Buganda Kingdom and houses the Parliament (Bulange), the Royal Palace and the tombs of the kings (Kasubi tombs). The Buganda tribe represents more than 20% of the entire population of Uganda. Kampala has good shopping opportunities with many crafts and markets in the centre. Entebbe has beautiful botanical gardens.


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