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The population of Uganda is 39,570,125 (2017). The population density is about 164 inhabitants per square kilometre.

Population composition in 2017:

The country has eight larger distinct indigenous peoples including: Baganda 16.5%, Banyankole 9.6%, Basogo 8.8%, Iteso 7%, Langi 6.3%, Bagisu 4.9%, Acholi 4.4%, Lugbara 3.4%. There are also mixed groups and non-African residents.


The official language of Uganda is English. In addition, Luganda, Swahili and many local languages are spoken.


The most common religion in Uganda is Christianity 66%. Half belong to the Roman Catholic Church, the other half are Protestant.

16% of Ugandans are Muslim and 18% practice an indigenous religion.


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