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Duomo of Milan, seen from the Piazza del DuomoDuomo of Milan, seen from the Piazza del DuomoPhoto: Jiuguang Wang CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

As in the rest of Italy, the majority (approx. 85%) of the inhabitants of Tuscany also belong to the Roman Catholic Church. Roman Catholicism was the state religion in Italy from 1870 (Italian Unity) until 1984. In 1929 this was confirmed by the Lateran Treaty between the Italian leader Benito Mussolini and Pope Pius XI. This also meant that the Roman Catholic Church was given privileges over other religions in many areas. On 12 February 1984, the Italian government and the Vatican signed a concordat in which the principles of the Lateran Treaty were abandoned and the privileges of the Roman Catholic Church ended. It is clear that the influence of the Vatican and the Pope is still very strong.

The large number of Catholics in Tuscany, however, is not reflected in the actual church attendance, which has been in sharp decline for years. Rituals, however, still play an important role in the life of the Tuscans. First communions, weddings and religious holidays are still an integral part of the generally close-knit society.

There is also a small Protestant population, consisting of various denominations, including Anglicans and Baptists. Most Protestants live in Florence and are generally foreigners. Florence is also home to a fairly large number of Buddhists, about 5000 in all of Tuscany. Florence has also a small Jewish population.

In Nomadelfia ("law of brotherhood") a few dozen families still live according to the dogmas of the first Christian communities. The community was founded in 1949 by Don Zeno Saltini. Private property does not exist here and there is no money in circulation.


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