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Basic information
Official languageEnglish
CapitalPort of Spain
Area5.130 kmĀ²
Population1,407,434  (2021)
CurrencyTrinidad and Tobago dollar  (TTD)

Vacations and Sightseeing

Port of Spain is a vibrant and impressive port city, full of cathedrals, Hindu temples, mosques, green parks and warm-blooded people. It is, of course, also the centre of the annual Carnival, when tens of thousands of revellers revel in dance and music.

From the lofty Fort George (free entrance until 18:00), you have a beautiful view of the city. In colonial times, the former English fort had the task of protecting the entrance to the port.

In the city centre is Queen's Park Savannah, a green park surrounded by the main attractions of Port of Spain.

To the northwest of it, for example, are seven historic buildings of exceptional beauty, the so-called 'magnificent seven'. They were built around 1900. To the north of the park are the Emperor Valley Zoo, the botanical gardens and the President's House.

At Memorial Park, southeast of Queen's Park Savannah, are the National Museum and Art Gallery. The Art Gallery is a free cultural temple, housing the national art collection, including the work of the famous 19th-century painter Cazabon. In addition, the museum has an exhibition on the history of the country.

From the museum you can walk along Frederick Street to the capital's shopping district. Near Woodfort Square are the Red House parliament building and an Anglican cathedral. Even further south is Independence Square: a long street with a green strip in the middle that runs into the harbour. East of it is a 19th-century Catholic cathedral.


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