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Trinidad and Tobago have a combined population of 1,218,209 (2017). The population is composed of various nationalities and ethnicities, with African, Asian and European roots. About 40 per cent of the islanders are descendants of slaves from West Africa. In addition, over a third have Asian ancestors, especially from India and China. They were brought to the islands after the abolition of slavery, to work on the plantations. And finally, there are European and Arab descendants: mainly Spaniards, French and British, but also Lebanese, Syrians and Dutch.

The majority of the population lives in Trinidad, where most and the most important towns are located, including the capital Port of Spain. The largest town on Tobago is Scarborough.

The most famous resident originating from Trinidad and Tobago is the Nobel Prize winner V.S. Naipaul, who is now a British citizen.

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English is the only official language. However, local variants of English-Creole are most commonly spoken. In addition, the local variant of Caribbean Hindi, Trinidad Bhojpuri, known locally as "Hindi", is spoken by a small group of Hindus. Patois is hardly spoken at all these days. The government encourages the learning of Spanish, due to Trinidad and Tobago's location off the coast of Spanish-speaking South America.


There are many different religions in Trinidad and Tobago. The two largest are the Roman Catholic Church and Hinduism.

The Anglican Church, Presbyterian Church and Islam have a smaller group of followers.


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