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Basic information
Official languageSwedish
Area449.964 km²
Population10,210,538  (2021)
CurrencySwedish crown  (SEK)

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Vacations and Sightseeing

Stockholm SwedenStockholm SwedenPhoto: Benoît Derrier CC 2.0 Generic no changes made

The cultural center of Sweden is of course Stockholm, with nearby Drottningholm Castle with an 18th century theater. Cities worth seeing are Malmö, Gothenburg, Hälsingborg and Visby, with a well-preserved city wall with thirteen towers.

Nyköping Castle, SwedenNyköping Castle, SwedenPhoto: Arild Vågen CC 4.0 International no changes made

Västeräs and Nyköping have medieval castles. The castles of Norrköping, Halmstad and Kristianstad, which are often built in (Dutch) Renaissance style, date from the Vasa era (16th and early 17th century). Mölndal owns a wooden castle, in its current form, dating from 1796. Skokloster near Sigtuna was converted into what is now the largest private castle in Sweden, with a well-known collection of weapons and gobelin. Linköping has the largest cathedral in Sweden, Uppsala a gothic cathedral with royal burial chambers, Lund a well-known Romanesque cathedral, Södertälje a church from the 11th century and Visby a 13th century church and sixteen church ruins. In Ludvika and Kiruna there are wooden churches, the last in the shape of a Lappish farm. In Kristianstad there is a church in the Dutch Renaissance style. Among the preserved parts of medieval monasteries is the 12th-century church in Varnhem. Old timber construction can still be found in Linköping (town hall, 17th century), Skara and Eskilstuna. In the Dalarna region - Sweden's arts and crafts center - there are many wooden, red-painted farms.

Abisko Nationalpark, SwedenAbisko Nationalpark, SwedenPhoto: Netha Hussain in the public domain

Folk art is still practiced in Hälsingland, including spinning, weaving, wickerwork, wood and bone carving. The Hälsinge-Hambo is well-known, a large folk dance group (maximum 1000 couples), which performs in many places in July. Most prehistoric remains, including petroglyphs and chamber tombs, can be found at Tanum. Jokkmokk is the center of the Lappen. The 393 km long 'Kungsleden' (King's path), a walking route straight through Lapland, starts at the winter sports center Abisko. The Abiskojokk Canyon, in the national park of the same name, is well known. There are museums dedicated to the Lappen in various places, including in Jokkmokk, Luleå and Umeå. There is a glass museum in Orrefors and a wood museum in Jönköping. In addition to Stockholm, there are museums concerning history, culture and / or nature in, among others, Gothenburg, Hälsingborg, Kalmar, Kärlskrona and Malmö. A well-known bird sanctuary is located at Kalmar, while Borås has a beautifully landscaped zoo. Ystad and Båstad are well-known seaside resorts. The Baltic Sea islands of Gotland and Öland are popular for tourists due to their mild climate and subtropical vegetation.


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