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Climate and Weather

The climate has a strong continental character with hot summers and cold winters. In the mountains, the weather is generally cooler. In January, the average daytime temperature in Bratislava is -3°C to 2°C, and in July it is 16°C to 26°C.

Precipitation varies greatly from place to place, a consequence of the country's hilly nature. Precipitation amounts of up to 1800 mm occur in the two Tatra mountains, while Bratislava experiences an annual average of 611 mm of precipitation. The greatest amounts fall during the summer months. The driest period is from January to April with an average of 39-43 mm of rain.

Bratislava (Western Slovakia; 133 metres above sea level):

Kosice (Eastern Slovakia; 232 metres above sea level):

Lucenec (219 meter boven zeeniveau)


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