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Climate and Weather

North Macedonia generally has a temperate continental climate, influenced by the Mediterranean Sea, with four distinct seasons. However, the spring can be quite short, and in addition, the temperatures in each season are tempered by the mountainous character of the country.

In the Vardar Valley, Ovce and Polje and the lower parts of the Pelagonia Plateau, it can be very hot in the summer and relatively mild in the winter.

Also in the capital Skopje it can be very hot in the months of July and August with temperatures of around 35°C. Some places in the south, especially in the Demir Kapija region, regularly reach temperatures of over 40°C. The average temperature in the months of July, August and September is 21°C, in the months of January, February and March it is 3°C.

Summer thunderstorms occur occasionally, especially in the mountainous regions.

Although winters in the lower regions are generally mild and temperatures rarely fall below freezing, snow and ice can virtually shut down public life in, for example, the capital Skopje. In the mountains, of course, the winter is much colder and a metre of snow is no exception. In regions above 2000 metres, the snow remains until June, and from November new snow can fall.

North Macedonia's climate is generally sunny and dry from March to November, although longer periods of cloud and rain may occur in September and April. Annual rainfall varies from less than 500 mm near the Vardar River, to more than 1000 mm in mountainous regions. The number of sunshine hours in Skopje is 2094 per year.

climate table


min. temp °C-3-315101315141163-1
max. temp °C581219232831312619127
humidity %847878656661565665768385
rainy days p/m118981287479129


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