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Mongolia is home to 3,068,243 people (2017). The population density is the lowest in the world at about 2 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The natural population growth rate is 1.18%. (2017)
Birth rate per 1000 inhabitants is 18.9 (2017)
Mortality rate per 1000 inhabitants is 6.3 (2017)
Life expectancy is 69.9 years. (men 65.7 and women 74.4 years (2017)

Population composition:

Almost all Mongolians are of authentic Mongolian descent, and many of them are nomads. 81.9% of the population belongs to the Khalkha.


Many different languages and dialects are spoken in Mongolia. Khalkha Mongolian (90%) is the dominant language.


Of the population, 96% adhere to Tibetan Buddhist Lamaism. There are also followers of Islam, Shamanism and Christianity.


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