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Basic information
Official languageMoldovian
Area33.851 kmĀ²
Population4,017,958  (2021)
CurrencyMoldovan leu  (MDL)

Cities in MOLDOVA


Vacations and Sightseeing

Chisinau, the largest city in Moldova, grabs the attention of tourists because of its architecture, monuments and beautiful parks and offers numerous possibilities for walking. The city has varied sights, such as the National Opera, the Presidential Palace and the Cathedral Park. The National Historical Museum, and Pushkin's Museum House with numerous works of art and artefacts are destinations for those interested in knowing the history of the country. The Historical Museum stands out for its well-kept exhibitions and houses an extensive collection of old photographs, rare books and manuscripts. The Armenian Cemetery and the Jewish Cemetery are located in Kishinev. The old Choir of the Synagogue has now been converted into a theatre.

Tipova is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Moldova because of its beautiful nature and the fact that the famous cave monasteries are located here. The small village of Tipova is located 100 km north of Chisinau. The Tipova Monastery is the oldest and largest monastery in Eastern Europe. The old monastery is situated along the banks of the river Nistru and was founded in the 8th century BC. According to legend, Moldova's famous ruler Stefan the Great lived in this monastery with his wife Maria Voichita. Nowadays, the Tipova Cave Monastery attracts thousands of tourists and pilgrims because of its historical and religious significance. In addition, the village is rich in natural beauty and offers visitors densely wooded hills with narrow paths. The Dniester River flows from the hills and forms breathtaking waterfalls along its course. Tipova village is the best place for ecotourism in Moldova.


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