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Honduras has a population of over 9 million (2017), with a population density of approximately 80 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The natural population growth rate is 1.6%. (2017)
Birth rate per 1000 inhabitants is 22.4 (2017)
Death rate per 1000 inhabitants is 5.3 (2017)
Life expectancy is 71.2 years. (men 69.5 and women 72.9 years (2017)

Most Hondurans (90 percent) are so-called mestizos. This word comes from the Spanish word mestizo which means 'mixed'. The ancestors of the mestizos are therefore partly American, partly Spanish. Of the rest of the population, 7 per cent are American, 2 per cent black and 1 per cent European. The American descendants are mostly Indian tribes living in remote areas.


The official language of Honduras is Spanish, and Indian languages and English are also spoken.


97% of the population of Honduras is Roman Catholic, the remaining 3% is mainly Protestant.


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