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737,718 people live in Guyana (2017). The population density is about 3.5 inhabitants per square kilometer.

Natural population growth is 0.32%. (2017)

Birth rate per 1,000 population is 15.4 (2017)

Mortality rate per 1,000 population is 7.4 (2017)

Life expectancy is 68.6 years. (men 65.6 and women 71.8 years (2017)

Of the population, 39.5% are of Indian and 29.5% of Afro-Caribbean descent. The other population groups are: mulattos and mestizos (together 20%), Indians (10.5%), others (0.5%).


The official language in Guyana is English. Furthermore, creole, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese and Indian languages (including Arawak) are spoken.


Half of the inhabitants of Guyana adhere to a Christian religion. 35% of the population are Hindu and 10% Muslim.


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