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The Micronesian Federation has eight indigenous languages, but none of the states has the same language. Therefore, they usually communicate in English.

English Kosrae Pohnpei Chuuk Yap

Hello lotu wo kaselehie ran annim mogethin

How are you? kom fuhkah ia iromw ifa usum ke us rogom buoch

Ja aok eng wuu arrogo'n

No moohi soo apw danga'

Thank you kulo kalahngan kiniso kam magar


English is the official language and is spoken by almost everyone. Kosrean, however, is mainly spoken by the inhabitants themselves.


Pohnpeian is the main indigenous language. Other Micronesian languages spoken on Pohnpei are: Mokilees, Pingelapees, Ngatikees, Nukuoro-Kapingamarangi and Mortlocks, a dialect spoken on Chuuk. English is spoken by many and is used in education.


The indigenous language is Chuuk, but there are several dialects of small minorities including Mortlocks. English is widespread. Itang is a specialised language, and is only learnt by chiefs and people of high rank. This language has been used since the 14th century to summon supernatural powers and pass on secret knowledge.


The local languages on Yap are Yap, Ulithian, Woleian and Satawalean. The last three languages are spoken on the remote islands.


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