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Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather


The daytime temperature on Kosrae averages 27°C throughout the year. The average annual rainfall is between 4700 and 6350 mm, especially in the summer months of June to August. The most rain falls in the west, the least rain in the east. There is almost always a trade wind blowing from the north-east. Kosrae lies just outside the typhoon area and even storms are quite rare.


Daytime temperatures on Pohnpei average 27°C all year round and the north-eastern trade winds also blow all year round. From July to November, the winds die down, the humidity rises sharply and it becomes especially unpleasant at night.

Kolonia has an annual rainfall of 4877 mm and in the interior often more than 10,000 mm falls per year! This makes Pohnpei one of the wettest places on earth. The wettest months are April and May, the driest time is January to March. A typical day at Pohnpei is cloudy with rain showers and occasional sunshine. Pohnpei can be quite stormy, but is off the routes of the devastating typhoons.


The average daily temperature is about 27°C. The average annual rainfall is about 3500 mm. The humidity is always very high and feels unpleasant between July and November when the northeast trade wind blows. The dry season between January and March is the most pleasant time on Chuuk. Although Chuuk lies outside the typhoon route, Chuuk has regularly been hit by strong storms in recent years.


Yap has an average annual daytime temperature of 27°C. At night the temperatures are around 17°C. The average annual rainfall is 3073 mm. The north-eastern trade wind blows mainly between November and May. It rains less then and the humidity is a lot lower. From June to October, the wind is less and the humidity rises, it rains more often and it is swelteringly hot at night. Typhoons are quite rare, but do occur.


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