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Nicosia (lefkosia)Paphos


The Greek population of Cyprus belongs for the most part to the Greek Orthodox Church, which in turn is part of the Eastern Orthodox Church community. The Eastern Church does not have a central leader like the Pope in the Roman Catholic Church. Patriarchs and archbishops independently lead autonomous church communities. Archbishop Makarios III was also the political leader of the state. The Orthodox Church of Cyprus follows the Byzantine liturgy in the Old Greek language. The Church of Cyprus has been autonomous since the 5th century. The Armenians (about 2000 members) in Cyprus belong to the Armenian Church and the Maronites (about 7000 members) to the Maronite Church united with Rome. The Maronite Church is an independent religious community which has existed in Cyprus since the 9th century. Monasteries play an important role in the Orthodox Church. In the Eastern Church there is only one order of monks who all follow the same rules. The Turkish Cypriots are Muslims, followers of Islam. There are also Jews.


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