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Originally, the islands in the Caribbean Sea were inhabited by Indian tribes (Lucayans). Christopher Columbus first set foot in the eastern Bahamas in 1492. With the arrival of Columbus, the Indians had a hard time, most of them died in the mines of the Spaniards. The islands remained uninhabited for a long time, until a quarrel broke out in Britain between the Puritans and the Anglican Church in the seventeenth century. Many British took refuge in the new world and many of them ended up in the Bahamas. Since that time, there has been a lot of struggle across the islands. The Bahamas became self-governing in 1963, and since 1973 the Bahamas have been an independent state in the Commonwealth. Lynden Pindling of the progressive liberal party is the first prime minister of the Bahamas. In 1992 Hubert Ingraham of the center-left FNM takes over the night. After which Perry Christie from the PLP took over in 2002. In 2007, Hubert Ingraham's FNM recaptured power. In May 2012, the PLP won the parliamentary elections and Perry Christie became prime minister again. New elections were held in May 2017 with the winner of the FNM, Hubert Minnes becomes the new prime minister. In september 2021 Philip Davis (PLP) becomes prime minister.


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