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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageItalian
CapitalVatican City
Area0,44 kmĀ²
Population799  (2021)
Currencyeuro  (EUR)

Vacations and Sightseeing

Every year, many interested people travel to Rome to visit the Vatican City. The Vatican City is not officially part of Rome and Italy; it is an autonomous state within the city. The Vatican City is the smallest independent country in the world and is also affectionately called a dwarf state. The Vatican City came into being in 1929 and is the Catholic centre of power in the world; the head of the Vatican City is the Pope. The Vatican City has approximately 830 inhabitants. These are mainly clergymen and members of the Pontifical Swiss Guard (the Vatican's guard unit). In 1984 the entire state became part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. See also the Rome page.


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