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Climate and Weather

Ukraine has a temperate continental climate, which is still somewhat influenced in the northwest by the Atlantic Ocean and on the coast by the Black Sea.

The rainfall is not equal in all places. Most rain falls in the north and west, is the east and southwest much less.

The winters on the Black Sea are cool, while inland it can get very cold. During the winter large parts of Ukraine can be covered in a white layer of snow. Summers are warm in most of the country, even distinctly hot in the south.

Crimea has as many as three climate zones, very unusual for such a small peninsula. The south coast has a Mediterranean climate, in the mountains there is a mountain climate and in the north there is a dry climate with lots of wind in the winter period. Summer is quite warm throughout Crimea; in June it averages 22-24°C, and the water of the Black Sea is also nice and warm then, 21-24°C.

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