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Blanes is one of Spain's most popular seaside resorts, and for good reason. Blanes is one of the pearls of the Costa Brava, and it has been attracting tourists from all over the world for years, especially from Northern European countries. That is not surprising. There is the wonderful weather, there are the beautiful beaches, you will find unique attractions such as the Botanical Gardens, there is a fantastic nightlife and booming Barcelona is not far away. That is why Blanes is an excellent choice for a holiday to Spain.

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Blanes is the southernmost place on the Costa Brava. It is located in the province of Gerona, which is part of the autonomous Catalonia. Once you are in Blanes you will first start enjoying everything the place itself has to offer. Blanes is surrounded by the rugged but beautiful Catalan nature and the center of Barcelona is about 50 kilometers away. Other well-known seaside resorts such as Lloret de Mar and Malgrat de Mar are also not far away.


The Mediterranean climate of Blanes is a guarantee for perfect beach weather, at least in the summer. In July, for example, the average temperature is 28 degrees, while the sun shines about 9 hours a day. In the winter it gets a lot colder but even in January the mercury regularly rises above 15 degrees. However, most tourists will come here for the cosiness and dynamism that characterizes the seaside resort in summer and then you can assume that the temperatures will be more than perfect.


Blanes may have the appearance of a modern seaside resort, but its history dates back to Roman times. Excavations have uncovered remains dating from the 3rd century BC. Afterwards it has been a bastion of Arab culture. That culture dominated Spain in the early Middle Ages. In the 13th century the Christians came back to power. Because Blanes was almost completely burned down during a war in the 17th century, little of the architectural splendor of the city has been preserved. The city was rebuilt afterwards, but many historic buildings in the city were destroyed by bombing during WWII. After the rapid reconstruction that followed, Blanes has grown into the tourist attraction it is today.


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Blanes has a beautiful gently sloping sandy beach. This is one of the main attractions. Blanes also has the image of a city that offers a fantastic nightlife. That is not entirely untrue. Whatever type of nightlife you like, Blanes has it all. There are the popular pubs Cotcha and Crowlies where you can hop all night long. If you want to go crazy on techno music, there are the fancy discotheques, such as the Arena and the Sala Vega. However, you don't necessarily have to be young to book a holiday to Blanes.

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As mentioned, there is the Catalan nature, and Blanes is also known for the two botanical gardens that can be found there. There is the Mar i Murta, a wonderful, colorful plant garden of fifteen hectares where more than 4000 different types of plants can be admired. In addition, there is the Pinya de Rosa garden, which even houses more than 7,000 plant species.

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The remains of the palatial castle of Sant Joan tower over Blanes. The first mention of the castle dates back to the 11th century. It celebrated its heyday between the 13th and 15th centuries. It is worth the climb, if only for the magnificent views in all directions. The tower adjoins Castell Sant Joan l small Ermita de Sant Joan chapel, which dates back to the 15th century.


You can use the ferries that leave from Blanes several times a day. Several places on the Costa Brava can be visited. You can visit the sights and local markets there.

Barcelona Plaza Real

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Of course you should visit Barcelona for at least one day when you are on holiday in Blanes. Stroll along the Ramblas, Visit the beautiful Plaza Real and admire the exceptional buildings and churches of Gaudi. Of course there is much more, see also the Barcelona page of Landenweb.

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