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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageEnglish
Area71.740 kmĀ²
Population8,260,822  (2021)
Currencyleone  (SLL)

Vacations and Sightseeing

Sierra Leone does not have a good image among today's tourists. Travellers are advised to be vigilant and careful and to keep a close eye on the travel advice of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Lately, the country has been slightly better regarded and it is certainly not crowded or touristy. Since 2002, Sierra Leone has been working on rebuilding the country.

Freetown is the bustling capital of Sierra Leone and is a lively city by day and night. The markets in Freetown are colourful and noisy, with every entrepreneur trying to catch your attention. At night, Freetown's nightlife screams out over the loudspeakers of the local nightclubs and bars. In Freetown, you are never far from a nightspot. Major Freetown attractions include The Cotton Tree, Freetown Palace of Justice, Slave Gate and Portuguese Steps, St. John's Church (built around 1820), St. George's Cathedral (completed in 1828), Sierra Leone Museum, Foulah Town Mosque (built in the 1830s) and beautiful beaches.

You can hire a local fishing boat from the Freetown base and sail to the Banana Islands. This is a beautiful place for diving or snorkelling. On the islands, you will also find old ruins, such as a church from 1881 and the old slave shipyard.

Ecotourism could be a good source of income for this poor country. The tropical rainforest of Sierra Leone is rich in many animal species, such as monkeys, birds, butterflies and buffaloes. There are also a number of beautiful national parks.


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