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Basic information
Official languageArabic
Area2.149.690 km²
Population35,762,746  (2021)
CurrencySaudi riyal  (SAR)

Vacations and Sightseeing

Mecca, and more specifically, the Ka'aba, is the most holy place on the planet for the followers of Islam. Many pilgrims claim that the tombs of Prophet Ishmael and his mother are located near this hallowed place. The Ka'aba is unique in its architecture, the most beautiful part being the two-metre high golden gate. The building is littered with verses from the Koran painted in gold, which are renewed every year to prevent them from becoming matt. Mecca is visited and cherished by millions of believers, who come to worship Allah. An interesting fact is that Muslims worldwide kneel in the direction of the Ka'aba when they pray. The city of Mecca is forbidden territory for non-Muslims.

Medina is the second most important city for Islamic traditions and beliefs after Mecca. The crown jewel of this holy city is the Prophet's Mosque, where the relics and remains of the Prophet Mohammed are safely kept. In Medina stands the oldest mosque on earth, the Quba Mosque. The region is only accessible to Muslims and even the streets are off limits to people practising other religions.

The Rub Al Khali or the Empty Quarter is an endless sandy area that stretches across several countries. Thousands of kilometres of dunes and barren wasteland make this place the largest sand desert in the world. The conditions are so extreme that even the local Bedouins cannot penetrate deep into this area. The Rub al Khali has a few oasis villages that contrast the ominous silence of the desert.


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