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Faliraki in Rhodes, Greece, is the destination for those who want to ensure a successful sun holiday, because all the ingredients are there! With more than five kilometres of beaches and Blue Flags flying everywhere, you can spend your days relaxing by the sea. There is also plenty of entertainment, sports facilities, fun parks for the kids and a vibrant nightlife! Thanks to the unprecedented popularity of Faliraki, beautiful accommodation has been built here in recent years, so a stay in the town is certainly no less luxurious than at home. The resorts are particularly popular.

Faliraki RhodesFaliraki RhodesPhoto: Karelj in the public domain

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Faliraki is located on the north-east coast of the island of Rhodes. The town does not have its own airport, but from Diagoras International Airport, Faliraki can be reached quickly and easily. While the west coast of the island has mainly pebble beaches, Faliraki is blessed with extensive sandy beaches. Faliraki is also a good choice if you are planning trips to the island's natural parks; less than five kilometres from the town centre is Psalidi Dimon Kalitheas kai Afantou Nisou. An ideal destination in all respects!


Faliraki's Mediterranean climate means that rainfall in the summer months is a rarity. From April to mid-October, the coastal village is the right place for a pleasant sunny holiday. Temperatures rise considerably and the sun shines for an average of 14 hours a day in July. Perfect for long, balmy nights in a charming coastal village! Faliraki is not a winter sun destination, as the winter months are too cool and wet for that.


Helios, RhodesHelios RhodesPhoto: Public Domain

The earliest legend about the island of Rhodes tells that the supreme god Zeus divided the world among the gods and goddesses, but forgot about Helios, the sun god. He therefore raised the island of Rhodes from the sea and gave it to the sun god. Like many Greek islands, Rhodes has had numerous rulers throughout history and so its cultural heritage is a mixture of the remains of various peoples. Faliraki is a very convenient base from which to visit historical sites. The capital Rhodes Town, whose medieval centre has been included by UNESCO in the World Heritage List, is only 14 kilometres away and the small white houses that characterise the traditional building style of Rhodes can be admired in the village of Lindos, located further south.


Faliraki BeachFaliraki BeachPhoto: Hombre at wikivoyage shared CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

The attraction of Faliraki is its heavenly beaches. On the five kilometres of sandy beach, 12 Blue Flags fly, as an environmental award for clean and safe beaches. Here, you can do water sports or play with the children to your heart's content, as the beach slopes gently into the sea. Faliraki has several natural bays and therefore enough variety; for example, visit Anthony Quinn Bay, Kathara or Ladiko beach. Another plus of Faliraki is its proximity to all kinds of entertainment; at the Faliraki Water Park - one of the largest in Europe - your family will enjoy hours of water fun and the 18-hole golf course Afandou will delight golfers. Intimate dining is possible in the town's harbour and the High Street is full of nice clubs, bars and discos. Fun guaranteed!


KalitheaKalitheaPhoto: Bultro CC 3.0 Unported no changes made

A visit to the healing baths of Kallithea is highly recommended. Another must-see near Faliraki is the Petaloudes - a butterfly valley where the rare spotted harlequin (Panaxia Quadripunctaria) can be seen during the months of June, July and August. But even outside of these months, this butterfly paradise is worth a visit, as the natural beauty of the shady valley is breathtaking and at the top, from the Kalópetra Monastery, you have a great view.

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