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Lima Cathedral, PeruLima Cathedral, PeruPhoto: Charles Gadbois CC 3.0 no changes made

About 96% of the population is Roman Catholic. According to the 1933 Constitution, there is freedom of religion, but the Roman Catholic Church is propagated by the state. The Roman Catholic Church has changed considerably in recent decades and the direct influence is waning. The Roman Catholic Church is increasingly revolting against poverty, injustice and inequality, and thus fulfills another important function in social and political life.

To reach the entire population, the masses are held not only in Spanish, but also in Quechua, Aymará and other dialects. Because pagan practices were harshly persecuted in colonial times, many of the old traditions and customs are embedded in Catholicism. Especially in the countryside, Pachamama ("Mother Earth") and Mary are worshiped side by side. The Catholic Church in Peru has 7 archdioceses with 12 dioceses, 14 free prelatures and 8 apostolic vicariates. The Catholic Church is still prominent throughout education and several Peruvian universities are in the hands of the Catholic Church.

3% of the population is Protestant. Since 1900, the influence of the Protestant churches has grown, especially Adventists, Pentecostal, Jehovah, Baptists, and Mormons.

The religion of the Andean Indians has always been mixed with pre-Columbian rituals.


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