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Climate and Weather

Dutch weather, wind water and cloudsDutch weather, wind water and cloudsPhoto:Rob Oo (CC BY 2.0) no changes made

In general, the Netherlands has a temperate maritime climate with cool winters and mild summers, in which the temperature is mainly determined by its location in relation to the sea and the proximity of the warm North Atlantic Gulf Stream. The differences in temperature are therefore smaller at sea than inland.

The average annual temperature increases from north to south and the distance to the sea also largely determines the wind speed, which is slightly less in the south than in the north.

The highest temperatures occur in June and July in continental-tropical air with an average daily maximum in De Bilt of 28 °C. The lowest temperatures fall in the three winter months when the Netherlands is in continental-polar air. The average daily maximum then remains just below freezing point.

The average temperature on the coast is about 16 °C in summer and 3 °C in winter. Inland, the average temperatures in summer and winter are 17 °C and 2 °C respectively. The lowest temperature ever measured in the Netherlands was –27.8 °C and the highest temperature ever measured was + 38.6 °C. The average number of summer days above 25 °C varies from less than five on the Wadden Islands to about 25 per year in the south of the country. The sunniest months are May to August and the hottest months are June to September.

The rainfall is distributed fairly regularly throughout the year. In the interior most rain falls in the summer, in the coastal areas in the autumn. The driest month is generally March. In the winter months it snows regularly and hail usually falls in the summer. Drizzle and fog are most frequent in autumn and winter. Most storms occur in the autumn months of October and November.

On average there is about 780 mm of rainfall per year.

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