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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageEnglish, Chichewa
Area118.484 kmĀ²
Population19,972,972  (2021)
Currencykwacha  (MWK)

Vacations and Sightseeing

Lake Malawi is a beautiful freshwater lake that takes up a large part of landlocked Malawi. The lake has golden beaches and an incredibly colourful variety of fish. This makes snorkelling and diving here very rewarding. There are plenty of bays to choose from and accommodation comes in all price ranges, from simple campsites and cottages to the more luxurious Club Makakola. At Monkey Bay on the southern tip, you can take the Ilala ferry to Likoma Island. Likoma Island is actually in Mozambique waters, but is still Malawi territory. A huge cathedral was built here in the early 1900s. Likoma Island has some beautiful beaches and is a very quiet place. There are only a few cars on the island. You can take some nice walks to the local villages, visit the local markets or sail around the island.

Mulanje is an enormous granite massif in the south of Malawi. The highest peak, Sapitwa, rises above 3000 metres. There are plenty of walking trails to enjoy this mountain, with simple huts at the end of each trail. it's a great walk for families, with plenty of streams and peaks to explore. You should spend at least 2 nights on the mountain. The Mountain Club of Malawi has good route information and information on fees and how to pay your porters. When you join the Mountain Club you can use their cooking facilities which are stored in the huts. Most hikers start from Likhubula. The best time to climb Mulanje is between May and October.


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