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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageArabic
CapitalKuwait City
Area17.818 kmĀ²
Population4,376,447  (2021)
CurrencyKuwaiti dinar  (KWD)

Vacations and Sightseeing

In Kuwait City there are a number of sights. The Liberation Tower is the monument to the liberation of Kuwait, the sign of the country's revival. It is one of the highest telecommunication towers in the world. The tower is 372 metres high, which is 40 metres higher than the Eiffel Tower. The Kuwait Towers are the most famous sights of Kuwait. The towers are located near Arabian Gulf to the east of the city centre. The top sphere of the largest tower (187 metres high) has a rotating observation deck and a restaurant. The middle tower contains one million litres of drinking water. The National Museum is located near the National Assembly. It consists of four buildings and a planetarium. It houses the Al Sabah collection of Islamic art, the most extensive collections in the world. The Grand Mosque is the most beautiful place of worship in Kuwait. Decorated with the "Asma al-hosna", 99 names of God, the Grand Mosque can hold 10,000 men and 950 women at one time. The mosque has a huge library of nearly four hundred metres of Islamic books and documents.

Failaka Island is a short ferry ride from Kuwait City. Failaka is in the heart of the ancient land of Kuwait. Archaeological sites dating back 5,000 years reveal the civilisation that settled here. The ruins of a Greek settlement from 324 BC can also be visited, as well as the interesting, albeit small, museum. The island has beautiful beaches with opportunities for water sports and sailing.


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