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Climate and Weather

Climate and Weather

North-east, south-east, south Jordan and the Wadi Araba all have a desert climate, where the rainfall is below 200 mm per year. Around the plateau is a zone with a steppe climate and a rainfall of 100-300 mm. The desert/steppe area only receives some precipitation in winter. The highest parts of the plateau and the slopes east of the Jordan valley have a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild winters with low rainfall.

The northernmost and highest parts of the plateau receive the most precipitation and only here are agricultural activities possible. Because of the altitude, precipitation here sometimes falls in the form of snow.

Jordan has hot summers, especially on the plateau and in the Jordan Valley. Winters last from November to May and are quite humid; the mountain areas west and east of the Jordan are quite cold and experience frost and snow.

Precipitation averages 700 mm annually in the high hill country in the north and 100 mm in the southern Jordan Valley.

The average temperature in January is between 5° and 10°C in the north of Jordan, and between 10° and 15°C in the south. In the Jordan Valley and Wadi Araba it is a little warmer, between 15° and 20°C. In summer, temperatures reach 25° and 30°C in the north and 30° and 35°C in the south and in the Jordan Valley and Wadi Araba. Temperatures there regularly exceed 40°C. Due to the humid air and high temperatures, it is hardly bearable in the summer.

Climate Chart Jordan

Hours of sunshine per month77101112131413121087
Daytime temperature in °C131417242831333332272215
Night temperature in °C45610151718181714104
Rainy days per month442100000023


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