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The population of Ethiopia is 105,350,020 (2017). The population density is about 100 inhabitants per square kilometre.

The natural population growth rate is 2.85%. (2017)
Birth rate per 1000 inhabitants is 36.5 (2017)
Death rate per 1000 inhabitants is 7.7 (2017)
Life expectancy is 62.6 years. (men 60.1 and women 65.1 years (2017)

There are a large number of ethnic groups in Ethiopia including the Oromo 34.4%, Amhara and Tigre 33%, Sidamo 4%, Shankella 4%, Somali 6%, Afar 2%, Gurage 2.5% and others 9%.


More than 70 languages with over 200 dialects are spoken in Ethiopia. The most widely spoken languages are Amharic, Tigrinya, Afar, Somali and Oromya.


In Ethiopia, about 45% of the population are followers of Islam. 35% are Coptic Christians and 10% adhere to an animistic religion.


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