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Vacations and Sightseeing

Basic information
Official languageEngels / siSwati
Area17.364 kmĀ²
Population1,180,174  (2021)
Currencylilangeni  (SZL)

Vacations and Sightseeing

The tourist attractions in Eswatini are mainly cultural or artisanal in nature. You can take day trips in Eswatini to the glass village of Ngwenya. Here you get a fascinating insight into how the local population still produces handmade objects using traditional processes. What's special is that it's often local recycled glass collected by school children.

Particularly popular is the Mantenga Eswatini Cultural Village, which is located within the Mantenga Nature Reserve. This village is a replica of a typical Eswatini village as it would have existed in the mid-19th century. Some of the 16 traditional huts and numerous artefacts vividly depict what life was like at the time. The huts were built using nothing more than wooden poles, reed and leather, and dried cow dung.

In Lobamba stands the Somhlolo National Stadium. Built in the late 1960s, the stadium is directly opposite the Parliament building and close to both the Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary and the Royal Botanical Gardens. The stadium is named after King Somhlolo, who is widely regarded as the father of the country. It has a capacity for about 20,000 spectators. In addition to playing football matches, the stadium is also used as a venue for concerts and national events, which in the past have included coronations.Eswatini's most famous cultural event is the Umhlanga Reed Dance, an eight-day ceremony in which young girls present cut reeds to the Queen Mother (Indlovukazi) - supposedly to repair the windbreak around her royal residence - and then celebrate with a dance party. Up to 40,000 girls take part, dressed in brightly coloured costumes, making it one of the biggest and most spectacular cultural events in Africa. It is largely a private celebration, but on the last two days outsiders (tourists) are also allowed to enjoy it.


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